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Re: ForwardLook vs. Copycat...

From: Gary
Date: January 20, 2002


I remember when my dad went shopping for a new car a month or so before the 57's came out. He liked the '56 Belvedere, but the dealer showed him a post card with just the headlight and tip of the front fender of a '57 Plymouth visible. The only writing on the card said: "Suddenly it's 1960!". Dad decided to wait, but ended up buying a leftover '56 because he decided the humpy fins on the '57 were too radical. There were a lot of people who thought the '57 Mopars were too radical for the time. It wasn't until you began seeing those graceful two-door hardtops on the street that most came to accept the "suddenly" look as stunningly beautiful. My uncle bought a 300C hardtop with the 390hp engine, and let me take it out alone one day. He told me not to baby it, and I didn't. Listening to that Hemi sucking air through two unsilenced 4-bbls was too much for a 17 year old kid. It was instant love and it's lasted 45 years.


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