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E-body rears wider than 62-70 B-body

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 20, 2002


To be exact,the 62-70 B-body has a 59.2" track and the perches are 44" apart. The E-body is a 60.7" track with 46" spaced perches. Ironically, in researching this for you I have found that the closest later rear axle track dimension to the Forward Look cars is for the 71-72 B-Body non-wagons,with a 62" track. This rear axle would be harder to find than C or E body axles! C body axles (also in 71-72 B body wagons) are 63.7" track,which will still fit in most Forward Look cars. (although wide tires in the small wheelwell 1961 Dodge/Ply non-wagons with this rear axle can end up a clearance problem, Johnny Milkshake had to hammer out the wheelwells of his '61 Fury to clear his tires,for instance...)


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