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Now How Does a 350/361 Plymouth Compare in Weight to a Boat Anchor Chevy 348?

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 20, 2002


Right on, Daven! My 283, three speed overdrive A/C equipped '59 Impala weighs over 3800 pounds. I believe the windshield and backglass account for about 1500 pounds alone! Seriously, some people can't understand why the lighter Chevy V-8 car would require larger brakes and stiffer springs than the six. I try to explain that the 283 could get the driver into a little bit more trouble if he has a heavy foot. :-) Let's not forget Chevy's heavy 348 "W" big block (which evolved into the rod-throwin' 409.) 250-335 gross horsepower depending upon the set up, these engines were extremely heavy and tended to do all sorts of creative things to cranks and connecting rods if set up for high RPM performance. Would go 200,000 miles (about the break in period for a good B-RB Mopar) if driven decently. The 409s went like Hell until they broke. The Mopar 413/426 and Ford "Side Oiler" 427 were much more durable on the drag strip. I believe the Beach Boys did a song about the wrong engine.


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