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Re: About the same,650 lbs.

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 22, 2002


So then a cast crank 400 B would be somewhat lighter than a forged crank 350/361/383? The strength of a forged crank is probably worth the added weight if the engine is run hard. Plus Mopar's internally balanced forged crank B engines are less of a hassle when swapping components. I seem to remember reading somewhere that using a forged 383 crank in a newer 400 made chosing flywheels and vibration dampers. I know I'm cruisin' for a nasty flaming by mentiong "Brand C", but if I'm not mistaken, heavy duty truck 348s came with forged cranks & low compression heads. The Mopar B ultimately offered more potential for various applications and the RB proved to be a more reliable performer than the 409. Didn't the production 440 wind up with a cast crank near the end of it's days? I know the last two years of B-RB production offered thin wall blocks.


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