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Take on a 57 Saratoga?

From: Jeremaih Bucklin
Date: January 22, 2002


Just want your thoughts on a project I am considering. A car I have been told to be a 57 Chrysler Saratoga. I have only seen the car, no investigating yet just a quick look over. The body is in good shape with little rust & 95% trim but no windows. My uncle owns the car and bought it in high school. He left town just after he bought it and it has sat since 1971 or so. Are parts hard to find/expencive? I may have a 57 Chrysler windsor for parts if they are interchangable. also on the top center of the back seat an emblem with bonniville appears, I am curious? This would be my first MAJOR project, but I am not looking to create a show car just try get it roadworthy and safe to drive. Maybe good enough for local shows and parades. Any comments. thanks


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