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It's all in how you market.....

From: Eric Carlson
Date: January 22, 2002


Marketing your product is almost everything. Henry Ford was not the big inventer, he had a suit and knew how to market a product. Time and time again, some of the best visionary's didn't know how to market their product. Chrysler products of the '50's weren't what Chevys and Fords were, I did not live then, I base this on my Father. My Father was a '50 Merc guy, wouldn't be caught dead in a Chrysler product, as well as all his friends. Fords and Chevys were mass-produced back then....I can't imagine going to a car lot in the '50's and trying to pick a car! I don't know what I would have bought, my '59 Chrysler wagon comes to mind, but it's 43 years old now....maybe that's why I like it! I can also think of a '59 Chevy wagon and '59 Buick wagon too!! I would have bought a '58 Cadillac Eldorado Seville with the full air-bag ride!!!! I've wanted one of them since I was 14. Look at the VW's, they brought them under-powered, no heat cars over here and blew all the American iron away by the '60's. The marketing firm of Doyle Dane Bernbach in '59 Changed the way people looked at VW's. They took the honest approach to advertising....the ads were award winning and genius marketing. My whole house is decorated in old ads, the VW ones are the best. I've been looking for a 'cool' '59 Chrysler wagon ad, the only one is some drawing or water color's dumb, boring and not hanging in my house!!! Eric


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