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Why do ya think the F-bodies are being axed?

From: Jessica Hendricks
Date: January 22, 2002


GM never marketed the trans am, firebird, camaro, formula, ect. They figured that 320 hp or whatever would sell itself, so they never really invested in advertising thru commercials or billboards. I've never seen a commercial or any sort of advertising on an F-body. It is said that the F-body is on hiatus, but thats what they also said for the A-team back in 1987! Now that there won't be any competition, Ford Mustang sales will skyrocket (even though they, currently, still outsell the F-body's). There won't be anymore v6 camaros or firebirds for dads to buy their teenage daughters. This will also probably help the import car sales rise...most young teenage girls will probably rather be seen in a honda or acura rather than a "family car" (please tell me how that makes sense!). Even dodge is changing their intrepid to a RWD vehicle in an attempt to visit their muscle car roots by using a full-size platform w/ RWD and with the capabilities to go fast. I say...BLAH on all of these new cars, i'll stick w/ my classic mopars! ;) ~Jessica Hendricks


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