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Re: its all in how you brain wash people

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 22, 2002


A friend who is a national tech advisor for a well established Chevrolet club and another friend who specializes in interior work for '58-'64 Chevys exchanged e-mails with me concerning GM blunders. We came up with nearly sixty mechanical, paint, marketing, body and electrical blunders. I maintain that Mopar had quality issues with body work during the later Exner Era and again during the 1970s. There were other, lesser Mopar problems that people made big deals out of. But you are correct, the general public is brain washed. I've heard more criticism about how Chrysler reduction gear starters sound than I have about Ford C-6 automatics slipping into reverse from park or the smaller GM automatics wearing out in 50,000 miles or less. As a smaller company, Chrysler was always hurt the most by bad press.


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