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From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 22, 2002


Some car 440's in 1973 have cast cranks. Almost all 1974 440's have cast cranks (except for a few medium duty truck engines,one of which I have). The thinwall 400's and 440's start in 1976. On the 348 Chevy,I said 'typically' because the meduim duty truck 348 does have the forged crank. The last 1973-produced 440 forged cranks were put in early-1974 medium-duty truck 440 blocks. Indeed putting a cast 400 crank into an earlier LB-block would save a little weight. For a naturally aspirated B-RB street engine (especially with an automatic) there really would be no performance drawback to using a cast crank,in fact the engine might rev a little faster because of the weight savings in the rotational assembly. For this type of engine the pistons,rods and crank preparation would make the difference;not whether the crank was cast or forged.


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