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Chrysler Sales... Lower than GM...Always was, Always will be

From: Dave Murray
Date: January 23, 2002


GM always made appealing advertising... featuring the latest and greatest...Chrysler advertising, well, for lack of better words, always kinda sucked... This is especially true during the musclecar heyday... Also... Did the MoPars cost more? YES... I have an old dealer film from '58. This was a closed circuit broadcast specifically for the benefit of fellow Chrysler product salespeople. In it they state ways to offset the price differences between them and the GM, Fords. The highest suggestion? Push the styling. Tell a customer, "Now who wants styling like "theirs" when you can have "this"? Second to that was pointing out features that aren't so apparent...Like torsion-air and so on... It's a neat video and even brings in the competion cars to compare side by side...


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