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Also...Sell Style, Not Knowledge...

From: Dave Murray
Date: January 23, 2002


Also... Chrysler product salespeople were by far more knowledgable about their cars...which was good, but it tended to make them more technical. The average "joe" doesn't really want to hear that. It makes him feel inferior. GM sold fun, glamour. Their salepeople made you believe you could buy a new Bel Air and go straight to the countryclub with Mamie Van Doren... They didn't push mechanics or safety... This is not fun... Crashing and Dying in your car is not fun. It's a fact, but why point it out? In the '50s, pushing safety features in your cars was like admitting your cars aren't safe. And this does not sell cars. No way... So the GM edge was a flashier star to sing a flashier song.... All the way to the bank. Bottom line...I'm glad our cars didn't sell so well... We stick together more. Just go to any open car show, Our rides stand head and shoulders above those GM's today. I know more than a few of you have experienced this yourself...and can say that very same thing...


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