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Re: Take on a 57 Saratoga?

From: John Weyrick
Date: January 23, 2002


some of the things to consider when it comes to the cost of parts for your car...if it is a hardtop or sedan the prices on some parts vary..the windshields between sedans and hardtops will not interchange..most people desire a 2 door hardtop or convertible,therefore sedans (especially four door sedans)are somewhat cheaper to fix as people are more willing to part them out compared to 2 door cars. if the car is virtualy rust free that is a BIG advantage no matter how many doors it might think about where you are going to get you have any local junkyards that have older stuff..have crushers combed the area in the last few years and grabbed up all the old cars they can find may want to look online for pictures of cars like the one you are fixing..see if the car is what you think is cool...there can be a lot of hidden or unforseen costs,but like anything else you need to decide how bad you want it for the ''bonneville'' in the seat, someone has probably put in a rear seat from a pontiac. personally I think the 57 Chrysler is one of the coolest cars built...good luck with the project if you decide to fix last thing, at least when you are done you will have something to be proud of and you will have a cars that is not a typical sight to see like those damn 57 chevies.just my opinion


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