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Fact: '59 Cad WAS influenced by Forward Look

From: Gavin
Date: January 25, 2002


Well, I just found that video of a BBC car programme (part of "The car's the star" series)about the '59 Cadillac. How originally it was to have been a bigger fatter and more chrome laden bulgemobile following in the steps of the '58 Cad... and there is Chuck Jordan, Chief designer at the Cadillac Studio 1958-63, being interviewed, and he says straight out that the Forward Look impressed him so much that he took a bunch of Cadillac's top designers to take a peek through the fence of the Chrysler lot ! (Industrial espionage anyone?!!) He was impressed by the Forward Look's "lean cars... thin roofs... very little chrome... big fins..." and went on to say that "that afternoon, things changed" So there you go. Well, I guess, as the saying goes, the sincerest form of flattery is imitation eh?!!


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