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These are F-body based spindles/ Suspension geometry is affected

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 26, 2002


F-body spindles (stock and the Fatmans) will physically fit Forward Look cars,but they are NOT as high as the OEM spindles,and the suspension geometry IS affected by this. Not nearly as bad as when B-Body spindles are used,BUT the 2" drop might make the effects of the geometry error worse (then again,it may not). Now if Fatman made dropped C-BODY spindles,those would be the way to go. Those are the correct 10.5" height. Most people should get the AAJ kit and turn the torsion bars down a bit. I'm no fan of dropped-in-the-weeds cars,BUT if you must do it than these spindles would be better than turning down the bars to lower the car that much. If your desired ride height is stock or near-stock,don't use these spindles.


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