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motor swap questions

From: ted von wyl
Email: von
Date: February 03, 2002


i started pulling the 413 out of my 64 new yorker today im almost done so i will be putting it in my 57 belvedere soon(i have to clean it up and paint it first)and have some questions.what will i have to do to use the push buttons from the belvedere with the trans from the new yorker?the car had a 301 so im wondering with a little alteration if i will be able to use the motor mounts from the 301 or does any one know where i can get big block motor mounts for 57? also the steering column looks like it would work also,has any one ever done that/if so i could have power steering.also it looks like the sway bar on the front of the new yorker would bolt right on the belvedere which would make for better handeling if so ill let every one know because that would be a simple bolt on, and i wouldnt think they would be hard to find. also will the tail shaft on the 57 trans bolt on to the 64 trans? or is there a way to use the drum on the 57 trans. on the 64 trans./ because i boubt i will be able to use the park on the 64 in the 57. thanks in advance for any help. ted von wyl


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