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Re: motor swap questions

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 05, 2002


Use the '58-59 350-361 motor mounts. Kanter Auto Parts has them. Yes,the '64's steering column and swaybar will fit. I'll use that column if I change my '60 to power steering. I don't think the '57 tailshaft fits the pushbutton '62-'64 727's (but I never tried to fit one). The '62 Chrysler/Dodge 880 B-727 has a driveshaft parking brake tailshaft like the 57-61 cast-iron 'Flites. (Only 1962,and only the big cars) I would strongly recommend a '65-73 C-body rearend swap (gets rid of the tapered axle shafts and makes brake drums available,all in one shot), and convert the footlever cable to acutate the service brakes in that rearend. (The rearend swap was the first thing I did to my '60 Plymouth!)


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