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Are all '57-58 Desotos...

From: Lou
Date: February 05, 2002


...either total rustbuckets or $80,000 museum pieces? I only seem to see them at each end of the spectrum. (not that I've seen that MANY). I LOVE those cars, but I understand that 57-58 were not exactly the best quality that Chrysler put out. Does that mean the survivors are all too rare, and in need of so much repair that restorations run up the bill so high? Is anyone here familiar with the nice looking white and red '58 for sale in NJ (on A friend had a look at it for me and unfortunately it had some stories to tell underneath. I just posted my "Wanted" ad on the other board. Does anyone read that one? :-) Anyway, I'd love to hear opinions. Should I keep looking, or just buy the '56 Lincoln Premiere I just looked at? Regards, Lou


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