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1959 DESOTO 383

From: J.W.
Date: February 05, 2002


Has anyone had any experiance with a 1959 Desoto 383? From what I can tell in 1959 Desoto had the first 383 with 4.250 X 3.375 bore and stroke With 2.2495 rod journal and 2.5 main but in 1960 they had the same B&S but changed the crank to 2.3745 rod and 2.625 main which was maintained by all Chrysler autos till I beleive ?1973? When the 383 was fazed out and the 400 took over.Did they have trouble with the smaller bearing crank? Or was this an experimantal engine? I know Chrysler-Imperial had a 383 with some other specs in '59-'60. But back to the 59 Desoto has anyone had experiance? GOOD BAD OR INBETWEEN?? with this motor? The reason for the inquiry is that I have a chance to save this car from the crusher but the motor is stuck, the glass is in ill repair not too many good parts!!! so if this is a worth while motor I will make the effort to save it. !!!Thanks to all responces in advance!!!


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