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Re: 1959 DeSoto 383 is a low block,the 383 RB used in the '59 Chr...

From: Thomas
Date: February 08, 2002


Sounds interesting that some 1961 Plymouth had 383 RB engines. Iīve read earlier what you have written about special LPO order to get a single 4v 383 engine in the 1961 plymouth, but I thought that it was the low block 383. Iīve got a 383 RB in my fury and I still donīt know if itīs the original engine. I thought that it was not the original because itīs a RB engine but you give some hope. Itīs stamped MR 383 32693 on the engine. Please help me to find out if is the original engine for my car. Thanks, Thomas


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