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Engine # digits for '60-61 RB 383's

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 08, 2002


My parts books show that a 1960 pass. car RB 383 should start with PR-38-(M)-(D),and that a 1961 pass. car RB 383 should start with RR-38-(M)-(D). (M)=month and (D)=day,single or double digits. The 1961 Plymouth police interceptor I saw with a raised block 383 indeed started as RR-38. The engine numbering system was new for 1960 (and used for 1961). I think your engine is a 1959 Chrysler engine. I can't find the '59 Chrysler numbers at the moment, but the 1959 corporate engine numbers all start with "M" (representing the year 1959),and a 1959 Plymouth V8's are MD2 for the 318 and MD3 for the 361. The '59 number system does not match 1958 or 1960,not helping my case at all!


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