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Re: Brakes, hoses, gaskets, etc.

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 14, 2002


I get my brake shoes relined locally. I give them the specs from the book and let them handle that. It wouldn't hurt to keep an extra set of shoes around so your car won't be out of service waiting for one set to be relined. NAPA has quite a bit of stuff for ForwardLlook cars, as does Carquest, but the pickings are gradually getting thinner. For example, complete engine gasket kits are still available for many '55-'61 engines at NAPA, but individual gaskets you could get just five years ago aren't. Another thing, make sure whoever turns your drums doesn't ruin 'em by cutting 'em too deep. NAPA and Carquest also have some of the hoses and belts, though the selection is also gradually diminishing. Certain belts & hoses were used into the mid '60s on Poly 318s, 383s, etc. and can be found under newer listings. Also, while some parts number applications are dropped, an identical belt will be offered for another application and can be physically matched up at the store. If you aren't building a show car, plugs of the proper heat range and fit can be found at Autozone, Chief, Pep Boys, etc. I leave the N.O.S. stuff for hardcore numbers-matching show car owners. I would feel selfish using those on a daily driver such as mine....but that's just me! ;-) Keep in mind that most Exner era cars used Autolite electrical & ignition components. A starter solenoid for a '72 Ford works just fine in my '59 Plymouth. A later model Mopar ballast resistor can be used where applicable, too. Choke springs and other pull off parts can be found by cross referencing applications in a Borg-Warner catalog. Things like stock oil and air filter elements are usually less than eight hours away, i.e., Autozone, Carquest and NAPA may have these items available, but not in stock. Buy several of each when you can and then your won't have to worry about for a while. Match up your air filter with the number of a more recent item for another application. Some later model Mercedes-Benz models use a canister oil filter common to Flathead Six Mopars from the '40s until 1960.


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