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Re: One More Thing..........

From: Bob
Remote Name:
Date: August 23, 2002


Ken: my Dad's 59 was a two tone green Belv.2dr Hdtp 318 2bbl auto. with the contineltial kit on the trunk lid. He traded it for a 58 Dodge Custom Serria Wagon with the D-500 option (350 BB) in 62 to go move my sister back home. At least that is what he always said. When the 350 went south we put a 361 in it out of my 59 Desoto wagon along with the electric windows including the tailgate window. He finally got rid of the Dodge 8 years ago after putting over 400K on it.Actually he gave it to my older brother and he junked it. Still running. One note on the 318 2bbl motor, my Dad had a problem with the carb on his 59 almost from day one. It would vapor lock. This is the same problem that I had with my 74 Duster 318 and my 76 B200 van also with a 318 2bbl.. I guess Chrysler never got it fixed. In high school I had a friend of my Dad's give me a 58 Belv. with a blown 318. I put an 62 Imperial 413 in it with the long tube cross rams. Not much in the 1/4 but I could run down almost anything on the highway.


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