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Love These Histories

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 23, 2002


Thanks for sharing the memories, Bob. I love reading such accounts. Sometimes a long forgotten quirk perculiar to a given make or engine is rediscovered by hearing or reading such accounts. The flathead six in my '59 Plymouth Suburban used to vapor lock quite often during extremely hot weather while in heavy traffic. The car has both a carb spacer and manifold heat shield. I solved the problem by rebending the fuel line to make sure it passed completely over the heat shield. It was a newer line installed by a previous owner and didn't quite conform to the stock bends. Something seemingly so minor has made all the difference in the world for summer driving. There were so many two tone green cars during the Forward Look era, including my uncle's sedan. Yet so many of the cars emerge from restorations in more popular hues, such as red or white. My other '59 Suburban, a two door example I just acquired, was apparently built as an all black car. I may paint it in the '59 two tone green scheme for a more nostalgic look. As I mentioned before, I grew up in the heart of the "rust belt" and the Forward Lookers there were relatively short lived. The '57-'61s seemed to disappear faster than the '55-'56s. But people I know have shared "horror" stories about trying to outrun Forward Look police cruisers equipped with "B" and "RB" engines. None have ever claimed to have succeeded. :-)


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