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Re: Love These Histories

From: Joe Godec
Email: Sonoramic60@aol,com
Remote Name:
Date: August 25, 2002


Since we're sharing "war stories," I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. I lived in that era and my dad bought a '60 Fury Sono in May 1960. I was 17, so he drove it home, but that was about the last saw of it. Although going to college, I worked constuction and so had a few bucks to spend on 4.10 gears and Hedman Hedders, and so in '60 I ran that car in S/SA where it was a terror. The next year, the 413s dropped it to A/SA, but it was still very competitive. That TorqueFlite trans was excellent off the line, so that big-tailed beast could even surprise 409/409s and 405/406s at a "stop light Gran Prix." Eventually, I traded it for a '65 Sport Fury with a 426S and 4-speed, but the '60 remained my all-time favorite. About 2 years ago, after about 5 years search, I finally found another '60 ram car in a barn here in Colorado. Only a 361, but a very early Sono and Al Wilson was nice enough to put a picture of it on his 1960 Plymouth home page. I suppose I'm just returning to the days of my misspent youth.


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