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Delurking with 56 Custom Royal Questions

From: Dave Wood
Remote Name:
Date: August 26, 2002


Hi, all. I've been lurking for a while, but now I need to do some research for my younger brother. Many years ago, I had a 1956 Dodge Coronet sedan, and I ended up giving him the car. He drove it for several years, and had a ball with it, but he had to sell it when he got married. He said that one day he would get another 56 Dodge, and Saturday he made good on it when he bought a 4 door Custom Royal Sedan. It's gonna need work, but it has some possibilities.It had some goodies in it, including a power seat, power brakes and steering, and wire wheels (with caps!)Usual pitted pot metal, some rust in the usual places, but it can be brought back. I was wondering if I tap the knowledgeable folks here for some information. First,I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to decode the tag on the passenger side cowl. We can't find a build sheet in the car, and we want to see what we can find out about the car. Second, and more strange, is the car had a set of checkered flags mounted above the "Dodge" on the hood and the deck lid. I thought the flags were only included on the D500 packages, and I'm pretty sure this car doesn't have that option.Also, the flags don't have any casting numbers that look like a Mopar part. Am I wrong with my assumptions, or did some car dealer tack some jewlery on this car? Enquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance. Dave Wood


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