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Re: Love These Histories

From: Bob
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Date: August 28, 2002


Talking about Mopar cop cars. In 57 my Dad moved up to Ct. due to lack of work on Cape Cod, on the weekends he and he buddy also from Plymouth,Mass(where we are from) used to come home on weekends. Dad had a 56 pink & white Belv.that he put a 4bbl on after 6 months of problems with the 2bbl and his buddy Frank had a new 57 Olds Super 88. They used to come down the Mass. pike where the Highway Patrol used to use 57 Chrysler 300's. According to Dad if you were smart you just pulled over and never tried to out run them. Also although Frank with his 390 was faster on the straights than the 56 he couldn't touch it on the corners or the backroads.


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