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powerflite direct clutch hub question

From: lee
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Date: September 06, 2002


Hi everyone. I written and asked questions here before on my 55 Desoto restoration, and always got a good response. To the folks that helped me answer the kingpin question, THANKS!! (I found a shop in Indy that line reamed kingpins and they came out GREAT!) Now I am working on the transmission. I am using the service manual for the car as well as the powerflite transmission manual that they printed. So far so good on the cleaning and rebuild until I came to the direct clutch drum, and the planetary drum. All of the parts inside were okay and to spec, (I have new clutches, seals, etc), but the outside of the drums are questionable. wherever the drums were out of the trans fluid for as many years as it sat, the surfaces where the bands clamp on during shifting operations is rusty. wherever the drum stayed in some type of oil environment, the drums ore okay. My question is this, the manuals do not specify any limit for pitting due to rust on the drum, and also do not specify whether i could get them turned down .030" or so. Does anyone know if there are limits to turn the drums? and what they would be? I would hate to have my new bands get all chewed up from the pits on the drums. At least I would think that would happen if I didn't get that surface smooth again.. comments? questions? thanks in advance, Lee


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