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Lack of "Fearless Leader's" Plymouth at '50's Fest

From: alumcan
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Date: September 07, 2002


OK Dave, a VERY NICE '50's Fest just south of you today. The complete Waynsburg's Main St. closed off, for a couple hundred cars, a bunch of Harleys, free registration, a four hundrerd and some dollar 50/50 drawing, a whole bunch of games and events, (guess what!? at my age, I won one of the two twist contsts! I got pictures to proove it!) the whole doin's brodacasted live by the "Greaser" over WAMB's air waves, and do you know what the bummer was? There was ONLY ONE FwdLk MoPar there! ('61 Dodge Senaca 4-door) Just think you could have been there with your Christine and WOWed them. But noooo, what's yer excuse this time? You in heat again? Or blame it on weddings, '59 DeS or DMC? At least I was able to 'blow several minds' on why would any person in their right mind have his family there in a Funeral Coach! Then there was a bunch that said a hearse was the next 'neat' vehicle to build! Doug, (The Greaser) even dedicated a song for my daughter and her Hearse, Jan and Dean's "Surfin' Hearse" You shudda been there,,,


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