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Re: Engine Identification and FIRING ORDER

From: Jeff Noyes
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Date: September 08, 2002


Sorry, can't help you out on the engine number. If this is the original engine it should be a 277/301/318. In any case, your firing order would be correct (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2). All I can say is to make sure number 1 cylinder is on TDC of the firing stroke when the rotor is pointed at the tower that you have the number 1 plug wire connected to. If it's not, move number 1 wire to the correct tower. My only other thought is that if this is not the original engine, someone may have swapped in a big block, which means that the distributor would rotate counter-clockwise. Distributor in rear = small block (CW rotation). Distributor in front = big block (CCW rotation). Good luck!


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