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Re: How to make a 58 coronet handle like a porsche...

From: Joe Mac
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Date: September 12, 2002


Kelly, these are great topics. When my '58 Regal Lancer is done I'll be driving it on some narrow, twisties and while I may not get to Porche level, I want it to handle at least as well as my LHS. The front sway bar addition is the only real problem I've found. Neil is right that you can install an original used one but there are two problems: they are difficult to find, and the ones I have seen are small diameter. I will want at least a 3/4" bar and preferably a 1". I don't think they made them that thick in '58. I've contacted a number of mfrs. and gotten nowhere on a new bar (even Quickor that pictures a '58 DeSoto in their sway bar ad). The mid 70's B-body cars used a silmilar set-up (links in the middle, blocks and clamps on ends) but I haven't checked the mounting dimensiions. The rear bar from an e-body may fit. The spring perch centerline is only 3/8" different between the e-body and the "small" frame (Dodge, Plymouth) Forward Look cars, so the frame rail spacing should also be similar for mounting the sway bar ends. If anybody has found later model bars that are easily available and fit I'd like to hear from them. Thanks!


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