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B gaskets work,but leak (I change every 2 years)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 13, 2002


I change them every two years, by which time the usual oil leaking has started. It's not a big flaw as you can run the engines for years on a leaky gasket, but if you work on the engines yourself the less oil on them the better! None of my 4 polys ever overheated, my '61 Belvedere 318 never even got above mid-needle after an hour crawling in Albuquerque rush-hour traffic with the ambient temperature over 100F (I was stopping to get Big Gulps at 7-11's,but the poly wasn't fazed!) The stock 230-hp poly camshaft that dies after 4000 rpm would NOT be desirable on the autobahn, however!


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