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Now, wait a second.... head gaskets or valve cover gaskets?

From: Bob O.
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Date: September 13, 2002


Changing head gaskets every couple years sounds unacceptable to me, and I've never heard of such a thing in polys! Leaky valve cover gaskets are indeed a problem, although a minor one. Mine are fine now that I pounded the covers back to their original shape and only torque 'em down to 10 lbs ft. As to the stock cam, let's not forget that there were at least TWO stock cams in the polys: the 2 barrel and the 4 barrel version. The version that came in AFB equipped vehicles was a pretty nice camshaft that I have seen indexed at 226/226 @ .050" lift with max lift of .45" and 112 degree lobe separation (anyone else done this?). That cam would be fine on the autobahn. The worst thing about the poly engine is its weight (something like 570 lbs plus 40 or so more for the manifold, I believe). That's a lot, and it's like having an extra 10 year old kid in the car compared to a C***y small block. But no problem really, just throw one noisy brat out of the car if you need to joust with the BowTieBoyz.


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