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Re: Professional cars; Ed, Einstine, Dave, Double H, and anyo...

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: September 16, 2002


Can....That was some Dennis Miller rant you threw ot there! Regarding people who can't accept the way others look, well that is THEIR issue, not yours or mine! I have NO problem going into any Southern Roadhouse with a bunch of bikes out front, nor going into a "Fern Bar" at the other end of the spectrum. However, I think I like the bikers better, cause they tell better stories and are not all Full of it" with that Dirty Harry "legend in their own minds" type of stuff. I think the main reason we MOPAR types have this hobbie is our cars are DIFFERENT. Even if you keep them stock without rodding, they are going to be noticed at the cars shows. In fact, went to one this past weekend with my model year co-ordinator, and there was bunches of Chevies with tricked big blockes, old Fords with SBCs, stock and modified Mustangs of the 65-66 flavor, and a large collection of 68-76 Chevy/Ford muscle stuff. THEN their was Henry's 56 DeSoto Fireflite and a 58 DeSoto Fireflite there. Outside of a mid-thirties Mercedes SSK kit car, these were the MOST looked at vehicles. Wonder why? THey were NOT the same as all the other stuff, and the fins set them off. When you finish that Hearse completely, it will also draw a crowd for the same reasons. Now regarding the killer stereo system in about hiding the subwoofer in the casket?


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