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Re: Forwardlook at the Movies

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 17, 2002


OK, OK, I can't believe nobody's mentioned Jerry Lewis' Cinderfella : 58 Imp conv; & it's a prettygood moovee, fer Jerry; then there's Attack of the 50' Woman (available on VHS) which, also, prominently features a 58 Imp conv, & other Ply's (note the fantastic 'morphing' late-model Ply, when it rolls-over & explodes) , then there's The Gypsy moths: 57 CRL D500 conv,( & Steve McQueen) & the Classic, I can't recall the exact title: Woman, Flesh & the Devil(??), or whatever--nuclear war aftermath, featuring 58 MoPars (& Ingar Stevens, Sydney Poitier). Can't go wrong w/thes flics. Neil Vedde


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