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440 swap: motor, trans, rear, driveshaft, all fit??

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 17, 2002


I thought i would try to get this striaght once and for all. The car: '57 desoto firesweep with 325/2-speed. The problem: Trans needs rebuild, motor may need rebuild. The issue: Rebuild whats in desoto, or buy a 1966 new yorker, and use 440,TF, and rear as drivetrain. Desoto is a daily driver and i figured parts are easier to get for newer drivetrain. I have looked at all the posts about the issue of swapping the 440 and 727 in. Can anyone tell me for sure what will bolt directly in, and what will need to be "changed"? Will the motor bolt direct in, if not, what has to be done? Will the trans drop right in, if not, what has to be done? The rear axel, will it bolt in, if not.... And my biggest copncern is the driveshaft. Would i be using the shaft from the desoto, the new yorker, or will i need to have a custom one made?? This is goign tobe a daily driver, and i was at least going to put a 3-speed into the car to have a little more performance. All things considered, which is more practical and cost efficient: 440, 727, rear -or- rebuild poly and trans. The new yorker is $500, and i assumed to have no searious problems, except need of rebuild from 99,000 miles of use.


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