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Re: Third Member interchangeability

From: Third member bolt pattern, etc.....
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Date: September 19, 2002


Thanks for that info. I kinda knew the earlier 8 3/4 units might have different patterns, but this confirms it. However, it seems the side bearings in the 55-58 MOPAR service book are the same numbers. So the bearings would fit into the case and onto the differential center section. Now, what about the splining of the side gears? Or the crown wheel bolts and pattern? It still could be possible that you could take the sure-grip differential unit and install the earlier crown wheel on it, and if the side gears supported the axle shafts, come up with a sure-grip that was never made for the earlier rear end assembly. Where I am going with this is that I have measured the hub of the rear axle (that unit with the tapered hole that you press the drum onto), and I think that it could be feasible to put REAR discs on these axles. Parking brake remains on the back of the transmission, and with front discs brakes, you would have a fairly simple dual master braking system. The hub diameter for the center hole in a disc is about 2.81", and rear brakes from a rear disc Ford (Lincoln, Mustang) or maybe even Jeep Grand Cherokee might be adapted, as all have 5 x 4.5" patterns. sure would be nice to have tractive power as well as the brakes......


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