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FwdLk Radiators

From: alumcna
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Date: September 22, 2002


OK kids, I found a radiator web site while 'truckin' around E-bay. I clicked on a Dr. Raidator's @ something or other, 'me' on the E-bay site, and this Dr Radiator's web page came up, and said that he has a whole bunch of radiators, in a whole bunch of warehouses, scattered out in a whole bunch of towns. He said that he has radiators for vehicles back in the 1940's! So later, I thought I would go into the 'offical' web site and see what kind of slection/prices he had for the FwdLk cars, it's the same dude, but a different web page. There was no place to type in a year. Only new stuff. Maybe you smart computer types can figure out a way to get a year typed in, and see just what he actually has.


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