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Re: FwdLk Radiators Website

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: September 22, 2002


Geeze, I 'cain't' even spl muh own name rite. Hank/others, I do not know what part of E-bay I was in,,,,. I was checking out the 'number of bids' on an item to see if a pictular person was just buying 'anything' or just 'one kind' of a item. In one bidder's 'feedback' page, there was this one name listed that had a 'me' after it. (That 'me' is a brief summary/history/whatever, of what that pictular seller/buyer/whoever, wants the bidding public to know about them. I have a 'me' after my E-bay ID) I like to read those 'me's', to see if anyone has a 'me' any weirder than what I do. Wehn I cliked on that 'me', the Dr Radiator site came up and my Reader's Digest description, was what I said. When I tried to go back later, I thought the www site was Dr Radiator dot com. The second time, was not the same page I was in on the 'me' slection, but it was the same dude. Like I said, the second time was only new vehicles, the first time was radiators back to the '1940's. Sorry, I'm not that good with these infernal machines yet to make 'em do everything 'cept cure tooth decay. Hank, try 'playing with the 'Dr Radiator part and see what you come up with,,,,,


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