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Re: 413' heads on bored 383'

From: adam green
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Date: September 25, 2002


It's possible that putting the 413 heads on the 383 has changed the compression ratio somewhat. If that has happened, then the Ignition timing will be different to standard. More compression usually means that you don't nead as much initial timing. Changing the points gap will alter the timing slightly. When you deviate from factory specs then anything is possible. You have to find what's needed to make your engine run best. If the book says use X but Y makes an improvement then use Y. No, you aren't being a dummy. The only stupid questiions are the ones you don't ask. That's what the discussion board is for. Last of all, if the car runs ok, why change to electronic ign. Yes, it can give a performance boost because it doesn't wear out. It's low maintanance but you can't fix it on the side of the road. Up to you mate


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