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Re: '60 Fury, 361 SonoRamic

From: Joe Godec
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Date: September 25, 2002


Didn't have much trouble "pegging" my 310 horse 2 dr h/t with 2.93 gears in the rear end on I-25, but only God knows how accurate a 40-year old speedometer is. I think 125-130 would be it's max. In '60-'64, my 330 horse 383 ram Fury would probably hit close to 130-135 (before I put 4.10s in her). Incidentally, I took my latest big-tailed beast to a show at Pikes Peak International Raceway and one of the "perks" was putting on the track. I don't have period wide white walls on it, but rather Goodyear radials (though with a rather narrow tread), but I did go through one turn at an indicated 90 or so, and that rear end suddenly got real squirrelly! So much for the effiency of the "stabilizers."


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