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61-62 Chrysler wagon differences?

From: Norm P.
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Date: September 25, 2002


Hi Gang from NW Montana! I have not posted much in a while. I sold the 56 and am now negotiating to buy a 62 Newport hardtop wagon for $$cheap$$ and wonder what are the differences between 62 and 61? I know the 62 has the later torqueflite that will make swapping later engines easier. Is the body style the same? I know the AJJ disc conversions are the best bet, but for an old wrecking yard scrounger like me, what spindles from later cars might work? I've searched the archived discussions here, but some of the info is conflicting. I will use a later master cylinder and split the brake system like I did on my 56. The last owner was already in the middle of swappinfg the rear axle, so I'll have to check on what he had going on there. Any info on the brake update from anybody will be appreciated!! Thanks!! Norm P.


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