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Re: Don't expect approval from the sheep

From: Kenny J.
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Date: September 29, 2002


AMEN! Preach on, Brother Bob! The LA 318 is a fantastic engine for what it's designed to do. I own a '72 Sebring (my folks it bought new in October, 1971.) I've also had three other cars with the LA 318. Great engines, but they also have leaky valve covers and the mid '70s "smog engines" came with awful carburetors. The LA 318s will easily give you 150,000 miles of service. But despite the printed specs carrying over from the 1966 A to the 1967 LA version, there is a definite difference in the "seat of the pants" feel between the two. The Poly feels a bit "gutsier" and has a more ominious sound with dual exhaust. Looking at the head configuration cross section, one suspects the Poly has more potential for higher performance than the LA 318, but, as we all know, the parts just aren't out there. Mopar has done wonders with the 318 and 360 during the last fifteen years. But I've heard 426 Hemi fans trash the first generation Mopar Hemis as being overweight boat anchors. So everybody has an opinion, whether founded in fact or emotion.


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