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Yes, but a new Chris Nielson cam is better!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 02, 2002


Most of the major cam makers like Comp Cams can regrind a cam subject to the machining limitations of the original piece (I don't think you could get above .500" lift from a 230 hp Poly cam!). Upping the 230 hp cam to the "power-pack" 260 hp spec is well within the limits,however the best cam would be a new one from Chris Nielson Cams. The Mopar Muscle 405 hp engine has a rowdy 290/".492 lift camshaft,but what would be an excellent street performance camshaft for a poly would be something in the 260 to 270 range. A new cam in this range would have better performance than the factory's "power-pack" cam (it was in the 250's) and still be mild enough for excellent street manners. With a 600 cfm 4-bbl. it would put out around 300-320 hp (headers would add hp,of course!) and a 2" dual exhaust would be a must. Neilson Cams P.O. Box 416 Farmington, UT 84025 (800) 341-2267 (address from Mopar Muscle 10-2001 article and the Polyspherical Assocation web page)


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