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Agreed...And additional info

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: October 02, 2002


Daven is correct. Chris is probably also the foremost on these old engines as to what the original factory cams were ground to (in limitation of the technology they had then), and how to "improve" the stock grinds utilizing modern grinders and modeling. Also, if you go with Chris, make sure you get a set of modern hydraulic lifters from him (if converting), or a set of the modern material solids he offers. These will also help with the valvetrain stability, and the modern materials and heat/lubricity treats will allow more behaved take-off and closing ramps to be used. Chris also is making cams from new blanks he has had cast, and this material may even be better than the old stock. He will need to know your pushrod lengths and end ball diameters, and also what spings you are using (he can provide a full kit if you wish, including springs, retainers, keepers, pushrods, lifters, cam and timing set).


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