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Fury project moves ahead

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: October 02, 2002


I may have found a shop to rebuild my motor today! Qualifying factors in thier favor: 1)They knew what a poly-318 was 2)actually found over-bore sized high-compression Fury pistons 3) are willing to work with me to build the engine *I* want. Meaning when I told them I didn't just want a slap-together "standard" build, that I wanted a good balanced, blueprinted, port & polished job they were excited about the opportunity and eager to work with me. I didn't have to spell out every single detail - when I told them what I wanted, he knew all the bits to use before I even said it (cross-over LA parts, ARP studs, true roller timing set, etc.) They guy on the other end of the phone must've been a "MoPar Man".. whatcha think? ;-) He insisted I bring in the Mopar Muscle article on the 400hp poly rebuild too. They have Saturday hours to boot, which is nice for this wage-slave. I plan to stop by this weekend and check the place out. Call me snobby, but places which are kept cleen and tidy I trust more to do good work. Still searching for those elusive factory techs rebuilding motors in the black ties and white lab coats like in my manual though. Brian


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