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That 313....

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 02, 2002


Bob....Interesting that you have a factory 313. Have you contacted Chrysler Historical to confirm the factory installation into your Belvedere? When I stated "Canadian only" for the 313, that is what the "official" Chrysler line is on that engine. Of course, Chrysler was always interested in maintaining production, and a strike or a parts shortage could explain your 313. My Dad had a '56 Windsor with a factory 354 Firepower (NE56-xxxxxxx) in it. One of the last 50 or so off the line in 1956 before the model changeover. I know another guy in Nevada who says he has one as well, and his was about 20 units from last official serial number. So this correlates, although I doubt that Chrysler was ever sanctioning this. More likely a plant production issue with leftover parts! If you get Historical to confirm that 313, then I guess the "Canadian Only" reference was bogus.


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