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From: Bob O.
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Date: October 04, 2002


I don't believe the articles are posted anywhere (after all , these small specialist magazines have a hard enough time surviving without giving stuff away for nothing!) but their back issues department is very efficient, and that's where I got my copies. You need the Sept. and Oct. 2001 issues of Mopar Muscle, which cost $5.95 each plus shipping. Toll free number is 800-429-0106, but from Oz you'll probably need to call 863-683-8807. They take MC and Visa, and their snail-mail address is DC Reader Services, Dept. MP, PO Box 1668, Lakeland, FL 33802-1668, USA. Their hours are 0830-1730 EST for calls. I haven't investigated whether back issues are available at their web site, but the URL for that is These articles are excellent, and were written by Gary Pavlovich, who is also a really helpful person and sometimes at least browses this discussion forum. The articles are really in-depth, and include addresses for numerous suppliers of poly parts. Even if the 400hp version is a little extreme for your needs, as it is for me, there is a lot of stuff that any rebuilder would find essential in these articles. I was also impressed enough by the rest of the magazine that I have sent for a subscription to it. Hope this helps.


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