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'59 Plymouth Suburban: PT. 2

From: jay kay
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Date: October 05, 2002


Many thanks to John Z., Bob O, Horace, Jim H. & Kenny J. ! I was able to partially decode the VIN Number and the car was originally a 6 cylinder. As to the rest, yes, the distributor is in the I guess it is a 361. But it must have been put in when the car was redone by a previous owner. (He also put straight pipes on the car...with glasspacks ! Nice sound !) John Z: Yes, the one you saw on the website is this car. But, I did not buy it from the web site. Those people obtained photos from the original seller...then posted them on the site as if THEY had the car for sale. They didn't. I bought it directly from the original seller. The wagon also has the rectangular wheel & swivel seats plus re-pop Chrysler Wires & B.F. Goodrich wide-whites. Incidentally the wheels were upped to 15" and the tires to 710/15. Hey will this throw my speedo off !! (For every answer there is another question.)


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