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Weigh it and get cost

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: October 08, 2002


Can...Weigh it and get a cost. As long as you were saving stupid stuff, if you have the outboard end of the axle housing, I'll take that as well. I am tremendously "space challenged" in my soon to be frigid garage, and cannot set up an entire axle to do this rear disc brake adapter plate stuff. Therefore, I am looking to make up a compact buck in my basement to work on it. So the last four inches of an axle housing (the part that holds the bearings and has the plate for the drum backing plate/retainer as part of it is ideal. I was going to try and gin up a fake axle housing end for the stub of the axle, but the real deal will work better, if you got one. Hate to cut up good parts for this. When I'm finished, I'll see about sending you some drawings and parts list, in case you ever finish that 300D convertible.


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