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Re: De-sludging in vehicle????

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 09, 2002


Just be judicious in your usage, since this is a VERY caustic solution. You do need the kerosene to dilute/wash away the residual, and I do recommend doing it with the pan OFF! Remember, it CAN eat bearings, so stay away from the bottom end when you use it. Preferably wipe it off before the kerosene wash. I have used this sucessfully to clean engines, but never planned to actually run them! I have always stored them. But, that said, I have always thought about the ability to "run the motor" if someone wanted to actually hear it run if I sold it, and I was prepared to do so with the cleaned up engines, so I believe strongly that this course of action can work. I still suggest to reclean again with your desludge compound or with ATF and to chang ethe oil afterwards, as stuff will come off the walls that could plug up a lifter (I know yours are mechanical) or a small hole in the rocker arm lubrication system. Stay on top of this, or when you decide to rebuild, you will have more parts to replace. Good luck on this.


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